Epilogue: All Return When the Time is Right, and…

8 Aug

Yeah, so basically I’m the worst. But here’s the epilogue, with the extra chapter at the end, which means that as far as story goes, we’re done with this volume! Author’s note should follow soon and I try to bundling it into a PDF soon after – thank you all for your patience, and I hope you enjoy this (long, long, long) awaited conclusion to Volume 10.


[¬“c—ÇŒå] ƒoƒbƒJ[ƒmI ‘æ10Šª 1934 Š®Œ‹•Ò Peter Pan In Chains445

That afternoon



“Huh. Well, I’ll be damned—”

In compliance with their deal, Firo had dutifully told Ladd the secret of killing immortals—and yet, musing over it, Ladd couldn’t help wondering if he’d been somehow duped.

To be sure, he doubted Firo had outright lied. When he spoke, Ladd had detected no falsehood in his words, and besides, Ladd doubted Firo was the type of guy to renegade on a promise.

(“To kill an immortal, another immortal has to put their right hand on their head and think, “I want to devour this person.”)

Such a simple answer. No wonder, then, that Firo was always so vigilant, with Huey Laforet nearby.

At the same time—Ladd had not anticipated that if he wanted to kill an immortal, he would have to become one himself.

And what was more, if he killed Huey, then he would gain all his experiences too.

“Is that really how you kill one of ’em? Even after that guy’s dead…he’ll still be rattling around my head?”

An odd question to ask right now, but in truth, Ladd had other worries.

“So…if I become one of ’em…I’ll won’t have to worry about dying?”

For a man like Ladd, in whom murderous intent rose up at the thought of people ignorant of their mortality, such an existence was completely out of the question.

Stuck between these two options, Ladd stared at the ceiling of his solitary cell and pondered the situation.

If Lua and I both became immortal…

Living for a billion years…I wouldn’t mind that. So then, I’d kill all the humans and devour all the immortals, and then for last, I’d devour Lua?

..ah yeah, but I’ll leave Firo. Kid’s a [friend/partner], after all.

For a man like Ladd, the thought that “no one can devour Firo” was a surprisingly normal one—even if whatever friendship between them was purely imaginary.

In the end, his ultimate decision was similarly unexpected—Ladd, who had ruthlessly killed so many men, resolved to be a model prisoner.

Well, anyway, I’ll have get outta here first and talk about it with Lua.     

Earlier, the entity called Sham had—for whatever reason—promised Ladd that he would no longer touch Lua.

Though he had no way of trusting Sham’s words, currently keeping out of trouble sounded more sensible than trying to escape.

Not, of course, that Ladd doubted he could escape. But if he tried, however, he would inevitably have to kill several of the armed guards—and to be honest, Ladd was rather fond of the guards on the island. Their willingness to face death, at the least, was something he respected.

Yeah…I’d rather not kill these guys.

…aah, but once I get out of here, the killing can really begin.  

Sunk in this bloody fantasy, Ladd grinned, fist clenching before him front.


As he did, the scent of fresh blood seemed to fill in the air—


That same afternoon


Gunslack Hotel (1)


“Ah, what a truly magnificent meal that was. Truly, I would rank it among the top seven dining experiences in my life.”

“…it’s…it’s a miracle you could eat at all with those people there.”

Hearing Carol’s faint words and seeing her drained expression, the Vice President gave her an icy look.

“Not the mafia, nor businessmen, nor politicians…tell me, Carol, with whom will you finally feel safe talking to?”

For the time being, Carol and the Vice President were enjoying a brief respite.

At present, they already had tickets for the departure. However, because they’d been asked to scout out the general situation while in Chicago, the Vice President had decided they would stay in the city for a few more days.

Leaving the upscale restaurant where they’d dined with Bartolo, the Vice President and Carol arrived to find police standing on the corners of their hotel’s street.

Too tense to  eat a bite during earlier, Carol now continued murmuring as they entered the hall.

“It’s just not natural, the way the Vice President can speak so calmly with anyone…”

“Well then, whom could you speak with?”

For a moment, Carol paused, at a loss of words—and then everything began spilling out.

“T-that person at the other end, the one with a bandage over his eye…if it’d just been him, I’d be perfectly fine!”


“Such a good-looking man…he looks kind of sad though, with the bandage, but in a manly way…”

Hearing Carol speak thus, the Vice President—knowing this particular individual far more well— narrowed his eyes, but said nothing.

Even if he had, Carol wouldn’t have heard him, as she was too busy currently fantasying about her imaginary meeting with the man.

“And from what my reporter instincts tell me…he has to be an important person! So come on, Vice President! If we catch up to him, we’ll have a headliner for sure!”

“…and a man like that, one who would calmly dine with mafia members…you wouldn’t stop to consider whether or not chasing after him would be dangerous at all?”

“Ah, well…but…he seems nice enough?”

“Well, I suppose in some matters, your judgment is sound enough…”

Appraising Carol coolly for a moment, the Vice President shook his head.

“I certainly won’t stop you, Carol, but you should know…I have a suspicion this won’t be as simple as you believe it to be.”
“Y-you, think what? Of—of course not! A…although he is very handsome…so when the time comes, there’ll probably be a lot of other girls trying to get his attention too. Ah, I guess that could make my job harder…”

I don’t believe that’s quite it.

The Vice President considered telling Carol what he knew about the man with the eyepatch, but decided to keep quiet, not wanting to further agitate her.

Deciding thus, the Vice President began almost idly talking.

“These recent events…they have Sham and Hilton’s touch all over them…”

With this assessment, the Vice-President smiled.

“Well, no doubt Sham will be in touch soon, then.”

Beside him, however, Carol heard none of this—

Because at present, the only sound resounding through the room was that of her empty stomach.


The mind of Ricardo Russo


The moment Sham truly gained freedom…was in fact, the same as the moment he failed to overcome a vessel.

Before then, it was true that he had possessed many vessels—but no matter what, all these resources were turned definitely towards another’s goal.

No matter how much power he accrued, Sham had still been Huey’s tool, faithfully following his orders and unable to dream of doing anything else.

In his mind, however, Sham remembers the moment when this began to change—

The one and only time he had miscalculated and thus failed to take over a vessel.

Searching to infiltrate the ranks of a mafia organization, Sham had aimed to take possession of the heir, the grandson of the current leader.

Although his target was merely a child, Sham felt no guilt in taking the boy’s life.

But then—

Just as Sham was about to truly take over, he discovered a thoroughly unexpected fact.

He isn’t…this isn’t Ricardo Russo. This is…she is…

Lydia Russo.

A girl. 

What kind of joke is this? My job is to take men, not women…if Leeza finds out I’ve taken one of Hilton’s rightful vessels, would she consider it a betrayal?

At the moment, he decided to stop fighting. Better, he supposed, to let the girl devour him instead.

Another surprise, however, was in store for him.

The moment Sham decided to yield—

He realized that Lydia had already made the same decision.


Chicago, outskirts

Car interior


“Since then, because neither of us were willing to lead, Sham and I have led an odd existence. While we share the same mind, I continue to have my freedom.”

“Huh, so that’s it, then…you must have really thought the world was useless back then.”

“I suppose.”

Driving slowly on the outskirts of Chicago, Ricardo was currently fulfilling her earlier promise to come clean to Christopher.

“Hm…well, what does Sham want out of all of this?”

“Concerning that…”


Though possessing knowledge beyond the scope of any individual, it was through encountering Ricardo that Sham, for the first time, had access to another’s thoughts.

As a result, he began reevaluating what how he had affected the lives of his other vessels—until one day, he was filled with an undeniable unease.

Though Sham had previously found nothing wrong with obeying Huey’s orders, doubt now began to rise in his mind.

In the presence of this new, more typical view of the world—

Sham began to realize how truly abnormal his existence had been. .


“Since then, against Huey’s instructions, Sham has continued expanding his consciousness in order to increase his knowledge of the world.”

“Huh…but what about feeling guilty about killing?”

“On that…technically, Sham doesn’t consider what he does as “killing” his host. However, he does seem to have been feeling some guilt lately, so he’s started curbing the number of vessels he takes.”

Though Ricardo’s words were calm, Christopher was keenly aware that every word of their conversation was also reaching Sham. It was the kind of situation that would have driven anyone crazy—but rather than mentioning these thoughts, he merely changed the subject.

“Then what was this about?”

“Ultimately, Sham wants to surpass Huey—to become a being greater than his master. In terms of his recent actions, Sham was trying to stop Huey from carrying out an experiment. To be more exact…it’s the type of experiment that, if carried out, would result in many deaths…”

“Sounds like fun!”

Seeing Christopher’s wide grin, all Ricardo could do was shake her head.

“If Sham was of the same opinion, then I suppose Rail would have long since reduced this city to rubble.”

“So…does that make you Chicago’s unsung hero, then?”

“This is a serious matter—don’t joke around. But…it is rather ironic that it’s only because I thought the world was worthless that Sham and I came to share a mind…”

Ricardo’s expression remained unchanged.

For a while, no one said nothing, the hum of the engine the only noise in the silence.

A silence with which, to be certain, both Ricardo and Christopher were already well acquainted.

As Ricardo stared quietly out the window, lost in thought, Christopher spoke.

“So, right now…you still think this world’s worthless?”

A distinctly abrupt question, despite Christopher’s casual tone. After a moment of quiet contemplation, Ricardo seemed to decide on the simplest answer that came to mind.

“Right now…not completely, no.”

Hearing the reluctance in Ricardo’s quiet words, Christopher grinned.

“Well, great! Nothing’s more natural than respecting human life, so glad you could come around!”

Christopher’s words couldn’t have been more cheerfully if he had been speaking about himself.

Still gazing out the window, Ricardo’s reply was almost inaudible.

“…or, maybe, you’re the one who changed me.”

“Huh? What? Sorry, don’t think I caught that.”

Even before Ricardo had finished, Christopher was already speaking. Ricardo, glancing at Christopher’s face, caught the edge of knowing smile that said he heard everything perfectly.

When Ricardo spoke, her tone were rather more heated than usual.

“Your hearing’s perfectly fine…you idiot.”


“So…any plans after this?”

“Well, to start, I’d like to revive the Russo family.”

Just as the silence between them was beginning to become awkward, this small exchange reinitiated the conversation.

“Ugh, that’s such a boring answer.”

“I may be convinced into singing and enjoying nature, but there are still limits to what even you can do.”

At Ricardo’s reference to their earlier conversation, Christopher gave a wry, almost surprised laugh. A small smile played over Ricardo’s lips, as though she had intentionally spoken to elicit exactly such a reaction.

Still smiling, she now gave voice to what she had thinking since the day before.

“According to Sham, there seems to be a very intriguing organization in New York….I was thinking we ought to pay a visit.”

“Well, that sounds much more fun!”

“Would you consider coming along? With luck, there’s the chance that we’d stumble across Rail or the Poet, or even Graham, come to think of it.”

Such words were spoken not as simple speculation, but rather as knowledge gleaned from Sham’s network of informants.

After a moment of pretending to ponder the question, Christopher spoke, giving the answer he had decided on since the beginning.

“If it makes you feel better, I plan on making the most of the trip.”


After setting their course east, Christopher spoke once again.

“Oh, and that’s right…while we’re at it, you should think about recruiting Rail into the Russo family.”

“If you think so, then certainly…still, I don’t really see how Rail and I could get along.”

“Oh, that—don’t worry about that. Actually, I think the two of you would actually understanding each other quite well.”

” And what, exactly, makes you think this?”

Though his words seemed to differ little from his usual nonsense, Christopher shook his head with surprise, a peculiar, mischievous smile lighting his face.

“Well, the two of you…I mean, you do have a lot in common.”

“We do?”

Seeing Ricardo’s blank expression, Christopher mentally patted himself on the back.

And, with the wide grin of someone exposing a magic trick, he turned against to Ricardo—


“So…you’re telling me you really don’t know?”


Transcontinental Train to New York

Car Interior


“…and then, this is what I told him: tough! Luck!”

“Wow Isaac, you’re so amazing!”

“You know, I feel like I’ve heard this story a while back…”

Even as Jacuzzi’s words seemed to throw the conversation for a loop, Isaac was undeterred in his enthusiastic reply.

“That’s riiiight! I’ve been telling it for years!”

“Wow Jacuzzi, you must have a great memory!”


In the third-class car heading for New York, Isaac and Miria were as cheerful as ever, seeming unaffected by the recent events.

Amidst the whirlwind of their joyful reunion, Miria still hadn’t confronted Isaac about going to jail without telling her. Just being together, it seemed, was enough for the couple to return to their usual carefree cheerfulness.

These two people…they’re like two puzzle pieces made for each other.

…how lovely. 

As these thoughts passed through his head, Jacuzzi glanced next to him, where Nice was sitting—


“Woah…and with just a few bombs, the whole place’ll come crashing down?”

“Exactly! For this to work though, you have to make sure the explosions happen just so…”

“Oh, okay. And if you put that inside there, then it’ll be even more effective than blocking the pipes…”


Currently, Nice and Rail were in a deep discussion Jacuzzi found incomprehensible. Watching them, it seemed to him as though Nice never quite looked this animated during their conversations.

No…that’s can’t be true…can it?

Just as Jacuzzi began to feel uneasy sense, the other gang members crowded towards him, faces full of mischevious intent.

“Hey Jacuzzi…don’t tell me you’re getting jealous over that little punk?”

“O-of course not!”

Seeing Jacuzzi frantically shaking his head, his companions pounced once again—

“Ooh, so it’s true then! It is!”
“Hey, I think he’s gonna cry again!” “Ugh, enough already—start acting like a man!” “That, or start crying pearls instead!” “And then give them to me.” “Hya-ha! Hyaaa—”

“Q…quit it!”

Still shaking his head, Jacuzzi was now visibly blushing.

Observing their leader’s reaction, an odd feeling came over one of the delinquents. Eyebrows raised, he spoke—

“Hey….wait a minute, don’t tell me you’re actually jealous?”

“Wait, are you saying….”

“No, it can’t be…can it? Don’t tell me no one told you?”


Unsure what to make of this reaction, Jacuzzi glanced between his companions in confusion.

“Ah…well, see…when the doc got to the factory, he hadda look at Rail’s body….and, well…”

And, at his next words, Jacuzzi and the other shocked delinquents could only silently gape.


“Rail’s a girl.”


Car Interior


In response to Christopher’s revelation, Ricardo’s eyes only widened.

A few moments ago, Sham too had received the revelation about Rail’s gender.

That the information was clearly new to him as well was evident, and so Ricardo found it difficult to mask her surprise.

“I never even suspected…”

“Well, the only people to know were me, Huey, and some of the researchers from the Lamia. Personally, I really wanted to see what’d happen if you walked in while Rail was washing up, see if she’d scream and all…”

“You’re disgusting.”

Narrowing her eyes, Ricardo glared at the man who called himself her “friend.”

In response, Christopher only laughed, stepping on the gas pedal as they sped forward.

“Well, in this world, there are lots of things we don’t know yet, huh?”


“So! If you want to give up on the world, first you have to see a little more of it! That’s what I just realized.”

“Is that so…well, perhaps you’re right.”

And so again, the car fell into silence—

And, unable to stop herself, Ricardo began to laugh.

The sound of Christopher’s voice soon joined here, and soon the car vibrated with both the sound of the engine and the sound of laughter.

As the sun slowly set in the west, the car headed east.

And so full of laughter, this sleek car headed unwaveringly towards its destination.

In this way, the pair headed towards New York.

Closer, ever closer…


Transcontinental Railroad

Third-Class Compartment


Though traveling together, Jaccuzi’s companions occupied several different train compartments.

In one of these small spaces, Graham now sat, idly spinning his smaller wrench.

Apparently, even he wasn’t foolish enough to attempt the same trick with the larger wrench there—or so thought Shaft, sitting beside and watching him.

“Oh, right, I heard something recently…”


“So that Ricardo kid, apparently he’s heading to New York to set up the Russo family there.”


In reality, this was a decision Ricardo had only just made. As part of Sham, however, Shaft could relay this information immediately.

At this news, Graham’s wrench lurched to an abrupt stop, a thoughtful expression coming over its owner’s face—

An expression that was, in the next moment, replaced by a manic grin.

“…how wonderful! Oh, give us a wonderful, wonderful story now!”


“Placido Russo is still missing, and his grandson is here to take his place…there’s something suspicious about it all. And such a young child, too—could this boy really have the daring and cunning for this position? Certainly, master Ricardo is an extraordinary child – but is he the type of leader I can follow? Oh, what to do, what to do…? As if that has to be asked! Right now, our job is to prepare a proper place for Ladd to come back to! If master Russo is incompetent, my first action will be to help Ladd regain his place…if he turns out to be brilliant, I’ll wait to confer with Ladd…ah, so many possibilties! It seems…truly, the world is nothing but a series of roiling waves! Oh, such waves! And those who cannot keep up are doomed to be swallowed by others’ waves. And so…we must go forward, like Moses parting the stormy seas! Am I right or am I right?”

“I’m pretty sure your nonsense will drown us all before that.”

Shaft’s glare had no effect on Graham, who merely twirled his wrench before addressing the woman sitting across from him.

“And so that this lady can peacefully stay there, we’ll wait for Ladd.”


Hearing these words, the woman said nothing, only responding with a faint, smile.

Cheeks flushed, her eyes gazed into the distance, her whole being somewhere far away.

Right now, all she could think of was the man who had promised to kill her—the murderer who was also her dear, beloved finace.

And so, with such passengers aboard, the train hurtled ever forward.

Heading ever, ever closer to New York City—


January 1935

New York City

Central Station



So he’d returned.

Left eye covered by an eyepatch, the boy in the train station took a deep breath of the New York air.

Although it only been two months since he left the city, it had been enough time to induce a deep longing for the city.

While Victor had been furious at the news of Huey’s escape, he had nonetheless let Firo go, contented with Firo’s information on Sham and Leeza.

 I didn’t tell him about what happened to my left eye…but it’s not like it would make any difference. 

Remembering Victor’s evident annoyance at finding himself outmaneured by Huey, Firo’s mood lightened and his steps were almost cheerful as he stepped into the station.

Once in the station, however, Firo’s memories turned darker as worry began to weigh him down.

“…how do I even start to explain…” 

If he told everyone Victor had taken him hostage, would they believe him? Cowardice could only be tolerated so far, and it was all too plausible that he might be put to death.

If that happens, I wonder who’ll devour me?

The only way to execute an immortal, after all, was to have another immortal devour him. If that was so, then he hoped the one to “eat” him would be Ennis—that way, in Firo’s overtly idealistic thinking, at least she would still be able to live on.

In the world he lived in, however, even such small comfort was useless. Fully understanding this and fighting with the urge to vomit from fear and anxiety, Firo walked forward.

Suddenly, a cry interrupted his train of thoughts—

“Firo! It’s Firo!”


Turning around, he was met by the sight of a young girl carrying a paper bag. She couldn’t have been more than sixteen, and gazing at her youthful face, Firo felt a memory stirring in his mind—



Heading towards him now was Annie, a waitress at Alveare, the Martillo family’s bar. From what he could recall, she’d been working there for less than half a year, but her diligence and attention to detail meant that he remembered her clearly.

Huh…to think I’d run into someone I know on my way back.

Unable to take her presence as a positive omen, Firo gave her a stiff smile.

Seeing it, Annie’s face broke into a wide grin, and she grabbed Firo’s hand and began talking excitedly.

“Hey, where are you going? Everyone’s been so worried!”

“Um, well…there’s just some stuff I need to do…”

“Oh, that’s right! I have something to give you, Mister Firo!”

“What? Wait, why would you—”


Something felt off.

Annie’s surprise at seeing him, he could understand. And yet, she hadn’t blinked an eye at seeing the eyepatch he now wore.

Could the news already have reached them?

This explanation briefly flashed across his mind. In the next moment, however, Annie was taking a glass jar out of the bag, and Firo was confronted by sight beyond his wildest theories.


Seeing the gyrating object inside the jar, Firo’s remaining eye widened. And then, without a hint of hesitation, Annie opened the jar.

The next moment, a red-and-white blur came hurtling out towards his face—

Barrelling towards his eyepatch and underneath it.

There was a strange feeling as it squirmed towards his eye socket—

And then in his left eye, the sense of darkness came flooding back.

Unlike before, this was not the darkness of a total look of sensation, but rather of simply having something obstruct his vision.


Hastily, Firo lifted the eye patch—

Bright light flooded the left side of his vision.

As Firo began to comprehend what had just happened, a barrage of thoughts ran through his head as he whirled toward the girl responsible for restoring his sight.


“Oh do, it isn’t like that—I didn’t take over this girl just to do this. Actually, I’ve had this body for several years ago so I could infiltrate your organization.”

“That’s not actually better—no, wait, let’s forget that for now. Why…why did you give me my eye back?”

Hearing this wary question, Annie—or, to be more precise, the vessel of Hilton and Leeza called Annie—slowly turned her back to him and, after some hesitation, spoke.

“…because…that time, you saved me…so I decided to give it back.”

….huh? Wh-what kind of explanation was that?

Hearing her shy explanation, Firo still found it impossible to understand what she had done.

Obviously, such a gesture signaled that her feelings towards him had dramatically changed. Firo, however, could only see her as a child. Ennis might have been slow at interpreting emotional cues, but outside of his own romantic feelings, Firo was just as clueless.

And so it was that, with Firo oblivious to all of it, Annie laid out the feelings in her heart.

Finishing, she said nothing for a moment. Turning to gaze at Firo, she seemed to be waiting for something, but after several minutes of heavy silence, spoke again.

“So…right now, just so you know, I don’t hate you anymore.”

“Wh-what are you saying?”

“Because right now…what I have to focus on is how to purge that traitor.”

With these words, all traces of her earlier bashfulness disappeared. In her words, Firo heard a hatred that went far beyond her enmity towards him in Alcatraz. Just listening to her, he felt as he would break out in a cold sweat.

“And that traitor is…?”

“Oh, you’ll find out. Ah—but right now, let’s hurry back, yeah?”

Seeing the girl before him put on the guise of “Annie” again, Firo felt an odd queasiness. However, realizing that there was nothing he could do now, he only followed after, deciding to ignore for now the unease in his chest.

[¬“c—ÇŒå] ƒoƒbƒJ[ƒmI ‘æ10Šª 1934 Š®Œ‹•Ò Peter Pan In Chains473



“Everyone! It’s Firo! Firo’s back!


The moment they arrived at the bar, Annie barreled inside announcing Firo’s return.

As a result, he didn’t even have the time to mentally prepare for the situation.

Walking inside, a flood of silent worries filled his mind—what if, out of nowhere, a dagger came flying at him? Or, maybe, the killer would look him coldly in the eye as they stabbed him—

At the sight of the first person to rush out of the store, however, all his thoughts fell apart.

His thoughts, his emotions, his entire mind—all completely fried, with nothing left behind.



For a moment, seeing the woman in the suit approaching him, all Firo could do was gape, mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. But then, composing himself slightly, he smiled awkwardly and said what he had yearning to say—

“…well, I’m back.”

And with tears in her eyes, Ennis said exactly what Firo had longed to hear—

“Welcome back.”

These simple words—

They were all Firo needed.

Behind her, the figures of Maiza, Czes Isaac and Miria were coming closer. Seeing them all there, Firo felt in that moment that no matter what the future held or how much suffering in store for that—

Whatever happened, he was already incredibly lucky.


And thus, another character in this ruckus returned home.

Back to the city that was both the starting point and end point for all that had happened.


And so, in the bustling streets of New York, a new story began to weave itself—

Extra Chapter

Author’s Notes:

  1. Help with the name of the hotel goes to Rev from the comments!

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