24 Aug


Hello, all! Narita here—it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Right now, we’ve completed the arc of the 1934 events.

This book, in addition to being the longest volume of Baccano! so far, was also the most difficult for me to write. For the sake of both time and page count, I had to condense much of the plot, cutting about one hundred fifty pages. I plan to put to use them in the 1935…which means when that arc is finished, who knows how long it’ll be? Ah…I think I’m beginning to get excited again! An excitement tinged with the expectation of pain, but an excitement nonetheless.


In the past, I took turns writing Durarara!!, Vamp!, Etsusa Bridge, and my other stories with the hope that doing so would keep my interest fresh in them. This year, I tried to be more focused; besides Baccano!, I haven’t worked on any of my other stories. Writing like this still feels a little odd…though if there’s any downside, it’s that between Baccano!, Durarara!!, Vamp!, 5656, and all the new other stories in my head, I’m full of ideas right now. Vamp! alone currently has almost over a hundred characters—enough to start a separate series about them. But of course, writing and publishing in addition to everything else would be basically impossible.

Baccano! has the same issue, in that the number of its characters keeps on growing and growing…

Recently, the producers of the anime have been casting characters, the question of “are there too many characters in my story?” has started to worry me. At the time of writing this however, about ninety percent of the 1930s characters should appear. In just a little while, we’ll be able to yell, “all the players are in attendance! And now, for the grand finale of the 1930 arc!”

In terms of 1930s story, all that is left to cover are “the Runorata grandson,” Neider’s childhood friend, and the Kurokii (1) family—so for those thinking “I can’t remember the names of all these characters,” thisnews should come as a relief.

…anyway, concerning the above statement, these are all developments I couldn’t have imagined both before and during the writing of 1935.


In other words, Baccano! will continue on, so look forward to that!

As will the 1705 arc, recounting the adventures of teenaged Elmer and Huey.

Denkuro Tougo, Nile, Victor, and the Avaro brothers will then appear in 1710.

Baccano!’s final (???) and most chaotic arc will then occur in 2002.

And of course, there’s 1935! Right now, I’m still discussing with my editors what to write first.

In other news, Durarara!!, 5656, and Vamp still haven’t been cancelled (and with luck will continue not to be!) There should be more news about then when the weather turns cooler, so I hope those readers will bear patiently until then.


All in all, with both the manga and anime adaptations coming out this year, I will do my best to focus on Baccano! The anime’s air date is still unknown, but when the time comes, I’ll put my all into promoting it!

Even though my writing schedule is different from before, I’ve found I’m more motivated than ever. Really, it’s all thanks to the wonderful staff and storytellers working on the anime!

Each time there’s more news about the anime, my heart leaps a little; and whenever I see the tremendous work coming from the studio, I think, “no, I mustn’t let them one-up me!”

When scripts from the anime or storyboards from the manga come back, I always take care to thoroughly review them. Whenever I see material from the anime, my thoughts are always, “woah—this is fantastic! Perfect, continue!” The directors and editors, however, will then say, “no, this could be still be better,” and everything will begin from scratch once more. Likewise, whenever I see images from the manga, all I can say is, “amazing! It’s exactly how I imagined it!” The editors of the manga, however, will say, “no, it needs to be drawn with more passion.” And when the corrected image comes back, practically bursting with passion…well, what else can I do but say yes? Aaah, and now the anime and manga are being created more quickly than the source material….basically, I’m currently in a breakneck competition with the anime and manga. “All…all right! If you’re going to do better than the source material, then I’ll aim one step higher above that!” In this way, my motivation has continued to surge.

The names of the animators will be announced this month, so for readers who’ve already seen the promotional video, stay tuned for even more!

Speaking of which, this month’s issue of Dengeki hp has more news concerning anime, including a conversation between director Omori and me, which I hope you’ll all be able to read! The editor’s postscript is also a must-read. Katsumi Enami designed the cover art, which is a wonderful picture of Chane, so for fans of her, pick up a copy today!


As usual, there are many people I need to thank.

To dear, overworked Mariko-san who oversaw this project, Suzuki-san, and all the other members of the editorial staff, I think I should start by first apologizing for all the trouble I’ve caused you…!

Much gratitude goes to the editors, jacket designers, and publicity staff at ASCII Media Works, who continue to do great work despite my slow pace.

Thanks to all the friends and family who have supported me, especially my good friend S (2).

I’m very grateful to Katsumi Enami-san who, despite being incredibly busy, was still able to produce incredible art for the world of Baccano!

And last of all, to all my readers—

Truly, thank you for your support.


March 2007


(originally, I’d wanted to use this afterward to talk about my favorite games, but when that got over ten pages, it was back to the more traditional acknowledgements—)


Ryogho Narita

(1) I agonized for a ridiculously long time over who this could be, but I’m finally going to call it a day and just put in the romaji Narita uses.

(2) The actual words used are “S市,” which either is either a pseudonym or an allusion to “friends from S city.” It feels a lot like a pseudonym to me, so I’ll be leaving it as “S” for now.

And also as just one last note – seriously, thank you all so much for reading along and being patient with me! I feel as though this translation has been in many ways a group effort, so for everyone who’s corrected my clauses or provided me with pieces of Naritaverse, you’re all ridiculously amazing and wonderful. Consider yourselves all coauthors of this translation because I honestly do not know how it would have been complete (even at my freakishly slow pace) without your support and help. (Also, thank your fansubbers when you can. If I’ve learned anything from this project, it’s that.)

I haven’t been keeping up with fandom news for a while, but with Yen Press’s acquisition of Baccano!, my plan at the moment is to bundle up a PDF and leave things up until announcements for this volume comes along? That, or until Yen Press directly contacts me – whichever comes first ^^; Please support them though, their translations will be done by actual paid professionals and I can guarantee they will be much better than mine.


2 Responses to “Afterward”

  1. jorgelotr August 26, 2016 at 12:30 am #

    Thanks for all of your work.

    S市 <- that kanji, besides "city", is also the honorific "-shi" somewhat common between otaku (and I think also in period dramas). To give an example, it's the honorific Saori from Ore no Imouto ha Konna Kawaii wake ga nai! regularly uses (Kiririn-shi, Kuroneko-shi, Kyosuke-shi). When used in period dramas, it's the samurai equivalent to regular "-san" ("-dono" would be to add some respect beyond that but not enough to deserve a "-sama").

  2. mru September 7, 2016 at 11:20 pm #

    thank you so much!!!!! thank you for all the hard work you put into it and that you didn’t abandon this project :’D You made a lot of baccano fans happy. With this volume, my ebook collection is complete, now on to the physical copies! I’ve waited for an official English translation the last ~10 years and I promised myself that I will buy all volumes if they ever officially come out :’). Thank you again dear ♥♥♥♥♥

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