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Mist is a comp lit major and fangirl extraordinaire with an inability to use CSS and an unwillingness to create another Tumblr side blog. Hence, WordPress.

This is literally my first time trying hard-core translation, but I hope it isn’t too terrible, especially since I translate from Chinese to English. Any tips from the more experienced are welcome!

Peter Pan in Chains

Color Pages

Connecting Chapter

Chapter 1: A Shining Blue Day

Interlude: The Camorrista Reluctantly Speaks, and…

Chapter 2: The Crybaby Cries, and…

Interlude Two: The Misshaped Soul is Relaxed, and…

Chapter 3: The Elderly Couple is in a Desperate Situation, and…

Interlude Three: The Alchemist is Calm, and…

Chapter 4: The Supporting Character Supports, and…

Interlude Four: The Daughter Worships Her Father, and…

Chapter 5: Peter Pan and Alice Tempt Each Other, and…

Epilogue: All Return When the Time is Right, and…

Extra Chapter: The Police Arrive Too Late


2 Responses to “About + Links”

  1. Brandon Chevalier October 19, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    Wow! Thanks For Helping With The Baccanno Translations Mist!
    It Seemed Like The Entire 1940s Arc Was Stalled For Good, Hopefully You Can
    Finally Push This Arc To Completion.

    • Brandon Chevalier October 19, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

      Sorry, 1930s

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