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Peter Pan and Alice Tempt Each Other, and… (2/4)

3 Jul

I’m not dead, I swear. Nor is this project! So thank you all for sticking by – there aren’t too many pages left, so hopefully the rest of this will go quickly. Hopefully!

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Peter Pan and Alice Tempt Each Other, and… (1/4)

22 Mar

This chapter is ridiculous long and thus shall be split into pieces! In the meanwhile, you should definitely bake some cookies or pet a cute animal or something else that would be fun and nice, because you’re all lovely and deserve it ❤

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Interlude Four: The Daughter Worships Her Father, and…

20 Jan

Happy belated MLK day! And um, whatever other holidays I’ve missed in the meanwhile ^^

Here’s the chapter, to warm your Tuesday morning – thanks again for all the report, and I hope those of you watching DRRR!! are enjoying it ❤

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The Supporting Character Supports, and… (2/2)

3 Jan

Happy 2015! With luck this will be the year I finish this, so here’s the latter half of this chapter!

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The Supporting Character Supports, and… (1/2)

26 Nov

This week has been a strange one, but at least I have the first half of this chapter finally done? I hope I can the next half by Christmas, and until then, thanks + best wishes for all of you ❤

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The Elderly Couple is in a Desperate Situation, and… (2/2)

8 Sep

In retrospect, I probably should have split the chapter into more even halves – but well, more action for this half, then?

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