Peter Pan in Chains: Color Pages

12 Oct

Peter Pan in Chains: Color Pages!


The Delinquents’ Racket

[Huh? What’s that? You want to ask what kind of person Jacuzzi is?]

[If I were to use one word, what would it be?]

[He’s a crybaby.]

[A baby.]


[What kind of a person is that?]

[I don’t like this talk about crybabies.]

[We first met him then, right?]

[Wait, it should have been that time there was that big gang fight, right?]

[Yeah, right! That guy suddenly appeared and yelled “you guys, stop fighting!”]

[Back then, I wanted to tell him, “all of us fighting for our pride right now, so stop trying to make us stop!” and send him flying with a punch.]

[But wasn’t the reason for that fight because a movie was going to start and we all wanted aisle seats?]

[You guys really can exaggerate, huh…but since you just flattened Jacuzzi, that would be next then.]

[You guessed right – Tony grabbed us by our necks then and threw us to the ground.]

[And then Nice said something: “most of the time, people who fight are wrong,” and smiled as she lit a bomb.]

[Big sister’s mind has always been a bit weird.]


[Oh, and after that, Jacuzzi saved us.]

[Back then, he was crying really hard as he told us to run. And after the bomb went off, he was the one who flew the farthest and was the most dazed afterwards.]

[Yeah, and after that I don’t know how, but we just started being together. Jacuzzi just needed to be there, and the atmosphere would become comfortable and everything would feel right.]

[Plus, when we’re by Nice and Jacuzzi’s side, we never run out of things to see.]

[To put it another way, we were like a pile of puzzle pieces that had finally been put together. Because Jacuzzi and Nice were so perfect together, all the other puzzle pieces would just automatically gather together so they were in the center, ha ha].

[Chaini…you haven’t made said anything in a while.]

[When you opened your mouth, I didn’t think you would say something so philosophical.]

[This kid, most of the time she just stands to the side and just says “hyaha.”]


[Hey, this time it was really quiet. Are you becoming shy? Huh?]


[No one’s asking you to shout, you brat! You’re so troublesome!]

[Hyaha – hyaha!]

[…it’s great that Jacuzzi can get people to love him so easily…but I still wish he could stop loving his enemies so much.]

[Yeah, but it’s not as though we have any right to talk about other people.]

[…you’ve got that right.]


Ricardo Russo talks to herself

They really are a bunch of irrational people.

Chris is a good fighter, Graham is as well, and even the one called Sickle is on the same level as them.

They truly are incredibly unreasonable.

It’s obvious that fighting here won’t benefit anyone.

No…that’s wrong. Chris and Graham, at least, have gained something.

Right now, those two have incredibly happy expressions.

How would I describe them…hm…

To be honest, I feel a little, really just a little…jealous.

Because it’s already been many years since I smiled like that. No, ever since I was born, have I ever felt that alive? …it seems like when my parents died, even then I was unable to accept reality…because even then, I didn’t cry or react.

Chris says that he has an unnatural existence, but when it comes to acting like human, I think I’m far more unnatural than he is.

If there was anything that could make me feel jealous –

Then it would be seeing Chris like this. Seeing him overflowing with so much life, it makes me feel discontent about myself.

When he was helping Lua with puzzles before with pass the time, Chris once said:

“If the world was a puzzle, I’d probably be a square piece – you know, the type of piece that can’t connect with any of the others. But since a square’s also a complete puzzle, that makes me an independent person, a whole puzzle made from just one piece! How great is that!”

Back then, Chris’s words just confused me, but seeing him right now – covered with sweat, eyes gleaming with happiness as he moves – I’m starting to think…

Graham and that woman – they must be square puzzle pieces like Chris, too.

And because of that – when these square pieces are placed together in a puzzle, they fit together incredibly well. Even if they would instantly fall apart, if their pieces are placed inside a frame, they would definitely form a beautiful picture.

If that’s so, then I, also…

No, I’ll stop thinking about it.

Right now, I should just continue doing the things I know I can.

And what I should do right now…is to calculate how to stop them from fighting here.

How to knock over the stand of this senseless puzzle.

This is how I want to be towards the world from now on.

When I kick, I want to make my movements a little bigger, a little more carefree, as though I, too, am the same as these three –


The Prisoners’ Conversation

[My fiancée loves putting together puzzle]

[Oh? That’s neat, then.]

[Yeah, but her favorites are blank white ones. Since you have to go by the shape of the pieces, she has to really concentrate – but once she does, she can put together several hundred pieces together all at once. And when she’s done putting all the pieces together, she’ll paint on top of them. Sometimes, it’ll be a landscape – sometimes, a self-portrait – but most times she’ll just paint something really weird.]

[When you put it that way, I can understand it a little. Even if the puzzles are tough, she puts them together for the sake of her paintings.]

[You think so? ‘Cause every time when she finishes painting, she’ll break the puzzle into pieces and give this hollow, empty laugh. That extraordinarily lonely look on her face, every time it makes me want to let my hand reach toward her neck…]

[…you know, I can see how she’s your fiancée now.]

[Isn’t she the worthiest woman for the position, though?]



[…nothing…forget it, it wouldn’t make any difference anyways. My girlfriend and her friends, sometimes they’ll also pull crazy stunts like that, too. Like stacking dominoes: right when the dominoes form a nice shape, they’ll knock them all over. I really don’t know why they even set them up in the first place.]

[It’s the same with people’s lives: since they all know they’re going to die, life becomes incredibly pleasurable…but since some people don’t understand this, they need me to teach them. Ah, just thinking about being able to do that makes me feel so incredibly alive – ]

[Hey, don’t get too excited here.]

[And when it comes to my fiancée, her life’s like a puzzle. So the moment it’s all put together – I’ll kill her…Ah, whoops, looks like I just accidentally revealed our lovers’ talk there.]

[…that counts as lovers’ talk?]


At a bar in New York

Maiza: [Czes, what’s wrong? Ever since yesterday, you’ve seemed a little restless.]

Czes: [Ah…well…no, it’s nothing.]

Ronnie: [Let me guess…You’re feeling anxious because you when look at the incidents in Chicago, you think the next place to be attacked might be New York. Am I right, Czes?]

Czes: [Huh? Well, that is…yeah, you’re right.]

Maiza: [Ah, so that was it. Thinking over it, it would be normal to worry – but the people here are all really so hard to bother, I don’t think there’s any real danger.]

Ronnie: [Whoever taught the people here must have truly had no sense of danger, then.]

Maiza: [Speaking of people who are hard to bother – Elmer would obviously be one, but the first person who came to mind was her.]

Ronnie: [Renee?]

Czes: (Huh? Ronnie knows Elmer? Or is it just someone else with the same name? And also…who is Renee?)

Maiza: [But I also think, when it comes to Renee, it’s not so much that she’s oblivious, but that she lacks a certain kind of feeling.]

Ronie: [No…what that woman lacks isn’t that – it’s her connections.]

Maiza: [Her…connections?]

Ronnie: [If fulfilling a person’s life is like completing an enormous jigsaw puzzle, then people don’t always have to search for all the puzzle pieces, as they’ll just naturally snap into their places. But that woman lacks the “shape” to connect to others. Because of that, she can only fit in by making others who share her lack, too. Ah…those “created children”…because of her, their fate is to be excluded from humanity…in order to reach their goal, they’ll have to find among themselves others who share the same shape, and then grab onto them tightly…]

Czes: [Mr. Ronnie! Mr. Ronnie!?]

Maiza: [You were talking to yourself for quite a while there – what was it about?]

Ronnie: […ah…it’s nothing. I’ve just had a little too much to drink.]

Czes: [If Mr. Ronnie was drunk, of course he would be talking to himself.]

Maiza: [He’s not drunk on wine, Czes, just his own words. Just like Victor the other day.]

Ronnie: […forget it.]


Connecting Chapter!


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  1. teisson October 13, 2013 at 7:20 am #

    Oh my god, you took it for translation! Thank you! And good luck! *_*

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    • mistspinner December 24, 2013 at 11:22 pm #

      Sorry for taking forever to respond, but it depends, I suppose – books after it in the 1930s series will continue spoilers, and there are some light spoilers in Children of the Bottle (from the 2000 series), though Bullet Garden and Blood Sabbath are fairly safe (2002). Before that, the 1700s series seem fairly safe (though I haven’t been able to bring myself to read Crack Flag because I know it’s going to make me sad ;u;). If you’d want a summary of the book anyways, TV Tropes has one on its recap page for Baccano!

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